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Cleaning of the bottom of the roller frame
Jul 23, 2018

 In the daily life of the roller frame, it is easy to stick to dirty things. Especially the dirty things on the wheels are difficult to clean, how to clean?

1. Prepare a dedicated roller frame cleaning machine.

2. Remove the bracket wheel and other disassembly parts of the tube wheel before cleaning.

3. Put the disassembled parts in the container, add professional cleaning agent and water according to the ratio of 1:5, and carry out simple cleaning. Note that the infusion time is not too long.

4. Use a clean rag to apply a cleaning agent that is 5 to 5, and wipe the entire roller frame to remove surface stains.

5. After all parts have been cleaned, wipe them off with a dry rag, then pour the original curing agent to wipe the surface of the roller frame.

6. Finally, install all the disassembled ones.

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