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Handling precautions for the roller frame
Jul 23, 2018

Since you want to use the roller frame, you definitely need to have a certain understanding of the operation of the roller frame. What should you pay attention to when operating the roller frame?

1. The connecting line of the roller frame control box to the remote control box and the roller frame shall not be pulled or crushed by heavy objects.

2. The roller frame control box and roller frame shall not be placed in the environment of harmful industrial gas or flammable gas. Do not let the body get wet, drenched or exposed to the sun, and should be placed in a place with ventilation, dryness and less dust.

3. The roller frame control box and roller frame are checked for reliable grounding before use. Do not use without grounding.

4. Inverter processing unit in the control box of the roller frame, non-professionals are not allowed to debug and repair.

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