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The advantages and scope of use of pallet racks
Jul 23, 2018

Pallet racks are broadly defined as racks that use pallets to access goods, narrowly referred to as beam shelves. The commonly mentioned pallet racks generally refer to beam shelves. Pallet racking is more common.

Although the tray shelf does not have a high storage density, the variety specifications of the placed items are relatively low, so the application is quite common. The height of the tray shelf can theoretically extend upward without limit. The shelf part of the automated warehouse is mostly pallet rack. The structure can reach a height of tens of meters or even hundreds of meters. The pallet racks have flexible access to goods, unlike the through-shelves, which can only follow the first-in, first-out, advanced-out mode, which can be used for flexible pick-up, regardless of the order of inventory.

The pallet racks have smaller restrictions on the size and shape of the goods. Unlike the cantilever racks, which are only suitable for long strips, the pallet racks can be used with any shape. Generally, the goods are placed on the pallets, and then the pallets are placed on the beams. The forklift is used to access the goods, and the structure is simple. The beam and the column piece are the main components, and the column piece is linked with the ground to carry the longitudinal force of the shelf.

The goods in the warehouse are diverse or single-variety, but the specifications are diverse. The bearing requirements for the shelves are relatively high, and pallet racks are often used. For the manufacturing industry, many companies store different items in the warehouse, which makes the pallet racks the first choice for many enterprises. Some companies may currently only store a single variety of items, but will consider the tray shelf in consideration of the possibility of increased varieties in the later stage.

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