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Use and advantages of cantilevered shelves
Jul 23, 2018

In general, for a cantilevered shelf, it is mainly constructed by installing a cantilever on the column, and the cantilever can be fixed or movable. In general, the use and advantages of cantilevered shelves are mainly as follows:

Cantilevered shelves are suitable for storing materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods. The cantilever can be single-sided or double-sided, and the cantilevered shelf has the characteristics of stable structure, good load capacity and high space utilization. So it is very popular in the market.

Usually, the cantilevered shelf columns are mostly made of H-shaped steel or cold-rolled steel, while the cantilever is square tube, cold-rolled steel or H-shaped steel. The cantilever and column are connected by bolt or bolt, and between the base and the column. Bolted. It is worth noting that the base is generally made of cold rolled steel or H-shaped steel.

According to the carrying capacity of the cantilevered shelves, it can be generally divided into three types: lightweight, medium and heavy. The height of the cantilevered shelves is usually within two meters, and the length of the cantilever is also within two or two meters. The load of each arm is usually within 800 kilograms.

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