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Warehouse shelf customization is easy to be ignored
Jul 23, 2018

The introduction of warehouse shelves is very helpful for the specific operations of warehouse management, such as storage, delivery, sorting, tally, etc. It is unceremonious to say that warehouse shelves are necessary equipment for warehouse management. However, many purchasers often overlook one of its most prominent features when purchasing warehouse shelves, and they have made a lot of misunderstandings.

For example, light warehouse shelves and medium-sized warehouse shelves are usually shelf-type shelves, accessing small and medium-sized goods, mainly based on manual storage. Therefore, the shelf height is not too high, and the control is within 3 meters. Both are in bearing capacity and depth. There are differences in terms of span and span. Therefore, there is no fixed customization mode for each type of shelf, and it must be customized according to actual conditions and needs.

Warehouse shelves are not as large as stocks of shoes and clothes for users to choose, but are customized according to the diversity of user materials, the variety of warehouse forms, the storage methods, the diversity of management methods, and other factors. Different from the whole equipment such as forklift and pusher, after the shelf processing is completed, it needs to be assembled on site. Especially after the installation of the shuttle shelf library and the unmanned stereo library, the on-site debugging is also required. The workload of on-site assembly is also very good. Big. This is the most notable feature of warehouse shelves. Also because of the particularity of the warehouse shelves, there is no specific size, the shelf supplier can not directly give a quote.

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