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What are the details when paying for heavy-duty shelves?
Jul 23, 2018

Heavy-duty shelves are a commodity that is heavily weighted in all shelves. They are used in some storage, industrial goods, etc., and heavy-duty shelves have special requests in the process of transportation. Presumably, this is what many people want to know. A question, for this reason, Shenzhen shelf small series for us to clarify one or two. In general, heavy-duty shelves require special requests for transportation, transportation equipment, and transportation routes during transportation.

1. The amount of transportation

Because the goods belong to heavy-duty shelves, and the number of goods that may be required to be transported is relatively large, it is different from the light-duty shelves in terms of the volume of transportation. It is better to think about the body shape and weight of the shelves according to the capacity requirements of the transportation vehicles, and to match the actual conditions. However, the amount of a single shipment cannot be excessive.

2. Shipping equipment

In order to ensure the stability of the entire transportation process, it is necessary to carry out certain packaging of its products, and use a reasonable packing box to carry out relatively strict equipment, and place it firmly and securely on the vehicle.

3. Transportation line

If you want the shelf to arrive at the destination very well, it is necessary to plan a reasonable road, first think about its road leveling and safety elements, avoid excessive fluctuations in the delivery of the rabbit, and cause unnecessary loss of heavy shelves in Shenzhen. It is necessary to plan the route and pick the best level road.

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