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What is the difference between self-adjusting and adjustable roller frame?
Jul 23, 2018

For the roller frame, it is divided into a self-adjusting roller frame and an adjustable roller frame. What is the difference between them? Let Xu Jian Machinery Company introduce it!

1. Self-adjusting roller frame:

The self-adjusting roller frame is made up of two sets of the main payment machine, that is, the active roller frame and the passive roller frame self-adjusting series main passive frame are four rollers, and the roller is made of inner iron core and outer rubber structure. Durable and vibration-free when in use. The operation of the active roller frame is controlled by the speed regulating motor through two worm gear reduction boxes, and the speed controller is used to realize the stepless speed change. The mechanical transmission noise is low, the workpiece rotation is stable, and the workpiece linear speed is 5-70m/h. Each set of clamps is automatically adjusted within a certain range of the workpiece diameter. At the minimum diameter, the lower wheels of each set of clamps are in the same Horizontal line

2, adjustable roller frame:

The adjustable roller frame is a displacement mechanism that drives the rotation of the weldment by the friction between the active roller and the weldment. The adjustable roller frame has only one roller component that is the active roller component and the other is the driven roller component. The driving device adopts the frequency conversion speed regulating motor, and the roller component is dragged by the speed reducer, and the welding piece is driven to perform the welding rotation. The adjustment of the spacing of the roller components in each roller frame is done manually, depending on the condition of the weldment, using a positioning bolt.

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