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What is the main frame of the shelf?
Jul 23, 2018

When the shelves are purchased, some shelf vocabulary such as “main frame, auxiliary frame” often appears in the quotation provided by the shelf manufacturer. If you don't understand these terminology, you will often be earned by some black-hearted manufacturers. Although there is a difference in word, there is no small price difference. So, what is the main frame? What is the auxiliary frame? In our experience:

The storage shelves are assembled from columns and beams. The independent group has two columns. Such shelves are called main frames. If several groups are assembled into one column, then in addition to the first group requiring two columns, the other can be a column with the group in front of it, such a shelf is called a sub-frame. This can not only save space but also reduce costs. The firm performance is also stronger than the single group, and the storage capacity is greatly improved.

For example, two separate medium-sized storage shelves require four columns, but turning them into a single column requires only three columns. The more the quantity, the better for the customer.

Depending on the situation, customers can also choose the right specifications and configurations.

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