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Cantilever Shelf Aluminum Profile Placement Preferred Shelf Type
Jul 23, 2018

Warehouse shelves are now more widely used and small. Large to the national warehouse. Almost all people are inseparable from the shelf, and the existence of shelves is increasingly recognized and recognized by people. Cantilever rack aluminum profiles are preferred, and cantilever racks are mainly used in machinery manufacturing and building materials supermarkets. After adding shelves, it is especially suitable for ordinary shelves with small space, high and low storage, easy management, wide field of view and high utilization.

The characteristics of the cantilever rack are: the cantilever rack series are combined, disassembled, transported, adjusted and transported, which is convenient and safe. The length of the cantilever frame can be freely combined according to the site conditions.

A tunable column can be used to adjust the spacing between partitions and partitions. The shelf height is limited, generally around 6m, and is only suitable for long-shaped activity storage.

Cantilever shelves are suitable for many types of cargo storage. Long-form materials include: aluminum profiles are generally more than 4 meters in length; square pipes are relatively long materials. If placed directly on the ground, they are not only difficult to pick up but also cause certain safety hazards. Roll-shaped materials: including wire and cable, plastic coils, etc. can be directly hung on the cantilever in the form of a roll, directly stored by forklift.

 Cantilever racks are inexpensive to manufacture and are flexible for warehouse and shop floor environments. Can be adapted to many types of goods and warehouse workshops. It is the preferred shelf for many enterprise warehouses at the moment.