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Cantilevered Shelf Features And Unique Design Introduction
Jul 23, 2018

Cantilevered shelves are a versatile storage system for long and heavy storage of goods (cantilevered shelves for wood shelves) and are a strong plan for use in a variety of environments.

The cantilevered shelf is a vertical column system consisting of a base, arms and horizontal support. The cantilevered shelving assembly is made of rolled and structural steel. Horizontal or interspersed support can engage multiple columns.

The best cantilevered racking system uses minimal space to provide a clear and accessible plan.

The cantilevered shelves have no front pillars and the goods are stored horizontally on the cantilever. All cantilevered shelves can be used for forklift or crane work. As a fully adjustable modular system, a nominal arm or panel can be added to the cantilever frame if modifications are required.

All in all, the heavy-duty cantilevered rack is a cost-effective warehousing solution ideal for storing long, rough or irregular shaped items and materials. For example, the cantilevered shelf system is a selection of useful storage for steel pipes, plastic pipes, wood boards, metal plates, and the like. We can plan and make cantilevered shelves to satisfy your request.

Cantilever shelf features:

Simple and quick assembly

Rounded on weapons and bases to protect goods, forklifts and pedestrians

The common clamp arm does not require anything to adjust the arm or bolt

Cantilever clearance distance adjustment

Siyecheng Warehouse Shelf can plan and produce cantilevered shelf planning based on your storage request.

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