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Self-tuning Roller Frame Safety Operation Procedures
Jul 23, 2018

1. The self-adjusting roller frame should be installed in a place that is strong, ventilated, rainproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, and away from severe vibration and bumps. It is forbidden to spray corrosive liquid on the equipment.

2. It is forbidden to spray corrosive liquid on the equipment. When the main and driven roller carriages are installed at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the main and the follower frames are at the same level, and the center lines are on the same straight line, and the measurement main and follower frames are diagonally adjusted.

3, the placement of the workpiece requirements: the diameter and weight of the workpiece, should be strictly in accordance with the design rules, otherwise it is prone to safety accidents, according to the length of the equipment, the main secondary wheel distance is adjusted appropriately.

4, the rubber wheel is only suitable for working under normal temperature conditions. Under special circumstances, the maximum temperature of the workpiece and the rubber wheel contact is not allowed to exceed 75 degrees, otherwise there may be damage to the rubber wheel. .

5. When using, the roller should be in full contact with the workpiece. It is strictly forbidden to contact the weld or the sharp part. At the same time, when the workpiece is hoisted, it is strictly forbidden to hit the roller to prevent the roller or other parts from being damaged. In the case that the equipment is not fixed, it is very likely that the impact will be strong. Lead to the subversion of the whole machine.

6. The debugging roller frame is gradually adjusted from high speed to high speed during starting. When the steering is changed, the motor can be switched after the motor stops, otherwise the motor will be burnt. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to separate the man and the machine, and it is strictly forbidden to stand in the radius of the workpiece.

7. In order to ensure the performance of the equipment, the lubricating parts should be added to the transmission parts before use, and the equipment should be filled out with the daily inspection and maintenance records. After using the machine for a period of time, it should be checked regularly and the maintenance record form should be filled out.

8. The equipment uses three-phase 380V AC power supply. The power supply line must pass the air switch for safe operation. When the equipment is commissioned, turn on the power and press the start button to observe the rotation of the driving wheel. If the speed adjustment is normal, if there is any abnormality, The power should be cut off immediately to find out the cause. After the fault is eliminated, the test machine can be re-energized.

9. Check and remove obstacles on the equipment before use, and need to be used and kept by someone. Do not touch oil and fire on the roller frame unit (rubber wheel).