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Shelf Bearing Qualified Test Skills Sharing
Jul 23, 2018

When many warehouse managers go to the custom and wholesale shelves, they often worry about the weight of the shelves. After all, this is not only a loss of economics, but also the safety of the warehouse staff. Therefore, many people who order the shelves will always take the weight of the shelves as large as possible. But the price is also much more expensive; because they always don't trust the shelf load on the shelf suppliers.

Then, what kind of warehouse shelf load is the qualified warehouse shelf load; what kind of warehouse shelf load-bearing report is the best?

In fact, for a qualified, responsible, and reputable shelf company. Their shelf load-bearing statements should not be the actual shelf bearing capacity of the shelf, but less than 20%-40% of the actual shelf load capacity. That is to say, if the load provided by the shelf supplier is 200kg; then its actual shelf load should be around 250kg-330kg, of which 250kg=200/(1-20%)kg; 330kg=200/(1- 40%) kg. So within this range, the shelves that are ordered do not need to be worried or bear the weight of the season. The maximum size of each piece of goods that does not need to be stored by itself is only 200kg; if the shelf is not enough, it must be purchased for 300kg load-bearing shelves; it is not necessary.

That is to say, the general shelf suppliers will take into account the safety of the warehouse shelves; no need for customers to worry. For many customers, the word that is certified is chaotic.