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Six Characteristics Of Self-adjusting Roller Frame
Jul 23, 2018

The self-adjusting roller frame roller drive adopts electromagnetic speed-regulating motor, which can be steplessly regulated according to the welding specification. It has the characteristics of wide welding speed regulation range, good rotation smoothness and low speed characteristics. When the heights of the main and driven rollers are properly adjusted, the assembly and welding of the cone and the segmented unequal-diameter rotating body can also be performed.

The self-adjusting roller frame automatically adjusts the distance between the rollers according to the diameter of the weldment. When the weldment is placed on the roller frame, the four self-centering rollers are automatically rotated to the proper working position by the gravity of the weldment through the intermediate swing shaft. It is not necessary to move the mutual position of the roller members due to the different diameters of the weldments.

Self-adjusting roller frame main features:

1. Self-adjusting roller frame automatically adjusts the angle of the roller bracket according to the diameter of the workpiece to meet the support and rotational drive of workpieces of different diameters.

2. It adopts stepless speed regulation of frequency converter, wide speed regulation range, high precision and large starting torque.

3. Adopt high bearing capacity bearing, no trembling rotation and long service life.

4. Combined box type base, large rigidity and strong bearing capacity.

5. Specially designed grooved steel core rubber roller, with high friction, long service life and strong carrying capacity.

6. The manufacturing process is advanced, the straightness and parallelism of each shaft hole are good, and the workpiece turbulence caused by insufficient manufacturing precision is minimized.