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The Relative Combination Of The Roller Frame Is Stable
Jul 23, 2018

A component of the roller frame that causes the rotation of the cylindrical welding device by the force generated by the friction between the roller and the assembled weldment. Generally, we can see that the adjustable roller frame is used to weld the circular cylinder parts. We can adjust the distance between the two positions according to the size of the cylinder. We can choose any one of a variety of roller frames according to different needs. If you need large tonnage, we can design and manufacture the corresponding products to meet your satisfaction. Adjustable roller frame products are manually adjusted by a screw device, or can be adjusted with bolts, and we can also use mobile electric skateboards to operate. These three forms are relatively flexible and demand comparison Three big ways. In order to accommodate cylindrical devices of different diameters, we can do this by the center-to-center spacing of the rollers. According to the adjustment method of the roller frame, we can be divided into many types, such as adjustable, tiltable and so on. Some use variable frequency control for reliable advanced communication.

In general, we assemble the main engine and auxiliary machine to make it into a roller frame, and use four wheels combined with the active and passive roller frame to adjust the relevant parameters. The combination of the inner core and the outer rubber forms a stable frame and is used for a long time. The force generated by the operation of the turbine reduction gearbox is operated by the motor of the speed regulation, and the stepless speed change is also controlled by the controller. Such mechanical noise is very low, and industrial devices are quite stable.