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What Are The Anti-mite Measures For Welding Roller Frames?
Jul 23, 2018

The following is a two-part explanation, so that everyone can understand the anti-smashing welding roller frame and know what it is.

Drive wheel speed control

If you want the weldment to achieve smooth rotation with stepless speed regulation, you can take two methods, one is DC speed regulation, and the other is AC frequency conversion speed regulation. These two methods have their own characteristics, but nowadays it is generally used. Because it can fully meet the requirements of all tonnage welding roller frames. Moreover, in order to facilitate the adjustment of the spacing between the rollers of the welding roller frame, the combination is more convenient, and the method of driving the driving wheel separately can be used, which is more advantageous, but the synchronization problem of each driving wheel is solved.

2. Detection of axial turbulence of weldments

The axial movement of the weldment is detected to detect the amount of turbulent displacement of the weldment in the axial direction. There are two types of welds on the side of the weldment wall and the end face of the weldment, but the most widely used ones are The latter, however, has the problem that the end face of the weldment is uneven in the direction perpendicular to its axis, and therefore the end face of the weldment must be machined.

However, if the fuzzy control is only used, the purpose of the weldment is not well achieved. When the end face error of the weldment is greater than the anti-cracking accuracy, the computer cannot determine that the offset is caused by the end face error of the weldment. It is also caused by the axial movement of the weldment, and the error in size and shape is different for different weldments.